The Reason Chris Martin moved to the New York Philharmonic

Now that I got your attention, here's a bunch of words that have very little to do with Chris Martin or the New York Philharmonic. In fact, I've included a video featuring the Boston Symphony, because #YankeesSuck. What you HAVE stumbled upon is some epic click-bait from yours truly, or as I'm better known to many of you, "Hey aren't you Chris Martin's brother? I heard that you're a musician too...accordion isn't it?" I would apologize for baiting you if I wasn't so desperately and obviously trying to gain a following. Or if I actually played accordion. 

Anyway...It’s finally here! One more website and blog for you to follow. I knew you were all hungry for more questionable web content from a questionably-qualified and even-more-questionably-dressed professional musician, and while I don't know anyone like that personally, I still like telling people what I think. 

In the spirit of getting started on the left foot, I wanted to throw back to some content that put us silly BSO brass players on the map with a lot of you four years ago, and while it may not be the most HD-ish video you'll watch today, it's still the only one with footage of Tom Siders performing the original Rotating Warrior or Ben Wright doing a headstand. What could be better than that? Okay, a lot of things, but I don't care and I bet it's been hours since you last watched someone kick a dumpster while playing the trumpet.

Future posts might include:

1. Videos of famous musicians trying to end their careers in spectacular fashion.

2. Stuff about music I'm writing/have written/am trying to sell you .

3. Stuff about music I'm playing/have played/am trying to sell you. 

4. Stuff about Nora, Cassie, my famous brother, golf, probably some CrossFit, and drum corps, all of which I'm trying to sell you.

5. Nothing if I forget to write anything for a long time. (Free).

So subscribe. I promise to entertain you; or at the very least distract you from doing something worthwhile for several minutes. (Is that how you use a semi-colon?). 

And finally, for those of you in the Boston or Chicago areas, I've got two big things coming up:

May 22 - World Premiere of "Lontano: Symphony for Wind Ensemble", commissioned by Mallory Thompson and the Northwestern University Symphonic Wind Ensemble, in honor of Mallory's 20th year as Director of Bands at Northwestern. The NU SWE has long been considered one of the great wind ensembles in the world, and with Mallory at the helm has continually raised the bar of what a wind ensemble can sound like. Sunday May 22, 7:30pm. Pick-Staiger Concert Hall, Evanston, IL. Tickets.

May 26 and June 1 - World Premiere of "Wizard: Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra", commissioned by Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops for Benjamin Wright, 2nd Trumpet of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Boston Pops. Thursday May 26 and Wednesday June 1, 8pm. Boston Symphony Hall, Boston, MA. Tickets.